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Vernier pioneers award-winning interfaces, sensors, software, and curriculum to transform how educators teach science and how students collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data. When it comes to scientific data collection, Vernier has perfected the development and production of affordable, easy-to-use data-acquisition products (probeware) for science classrooms and labs around the world.


Why Choose Vernier?

Most Vernier products carry a five-year limited warranty. Outside the warranty, we will attempt to repair most products, often at no charge.

We are readily available to help you with individual questions about our software or interfacing hardware—simply write, email, or call us on our toll-free number.

Most Vernier products are available for a 30-day preview (or longer) to educational institutions.

Any product that does not meet your needs may be returned within 30 days for a full refund, subject to the equipment return policy. Equipment returned after 30 days may be subject to a restocking fee.


Physics Experiment with Vernier:

  • Using a Motion Detector
  • Using a Force Sensor
  • Using a Microphone
  • Using a Differential Voltage Probe
  • Using Photogates
  • Using a Temperature Probe
  • Using an Accelerometer Using Current & Differential Voltage Probes
  • Using a Magnetic Field Sensor
  • Using a Light Sensor

Biology Experiments with Vernier:

  • Using a Temperature Probe
  • Using a Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Using an EKG Sensor
  • Using a Heart Rate Monitor
  • Using an CO2 Gas Sensor
  • Using a Colorimeter
  • Using a Respiration Monitor Belt
  • Using a Conductivity Probe
  • Using an Optical DO Probe
  • Using a pH Sensor

Chemistry Experiments with Vernier:

  • Using Temperature Probes
  • Using a pH Sensor
  • Using a Voltage Probe
  • Using a Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Using a Colorimeter
  • Using a Conductivity Probe
  • Using a Drop Counter (optional)
  • Using No Sensor