ICT Solutions

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) refers to all equipment, applications and services that involve communication. Computers, cellphones, televisions, radios and satellite systems are all part of ICT. ICT in Schools, through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of “Knowledge, Comprehension,Practical skill”  and “Presentation skill” in subject areas such as mathematics, science, etc. Edutech India provides schools in India with ICT Solutions like Language Lab, Student Response Systems, etc.

Why ICT in Schools?

  • Greater efficiency throughout the school.
  • Communication channels are increased through email, discussion groups and chat rooms
  • Regular use of ICT across different curriculum subjects can have a beneficial motivational influence on students learning.
  • ICT facilitates sharing of resources, expertise and advice.
  • Gains in ICT literacy skills, confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Greater flexibility in when and where tasks are carried out.
  • More focused teaching, tailored to students’ strengths and weaknesses, through better analysis of attainment data.
  • Improved pastoral care and behaviour management through better tracking of students.
  • Gains in understanding and analytical skills, including improvements in reading.
ICT Solutions