Library Solutions

Edutech has a range of Library Solutions, right from hardware to software. The main purpose of Library Automation is to free librarians and library staff and to allow them to contribute more meaningfully to spread of knowledge and Information. With our range of products and our expertise in Library Management System you can simplify the tasks and increase productivity of your Librarians.

Our Library Automation solutions include both hardware and software from leading Library Solution providers like Bibliotheca and KOHA. These products combined with our services is just what you need to make your Libraries World Class.

Bibliotheca RFID

Bibliotheca have over 30,000 unique libraries as part of the Bibliotheca family, with a deployed equipment range in excess of 10,000 individual self-service units, 6,000 security systems and over 650 automated materials handling (sorter) systems. In addition, the digital library platform features content from over 1,000 publishers and is available through almost 3,000 libraries.

Benefits Of Bibliotheca RFID :

Bibliotheca RFID solutions like RFID Gates, RFID Readers, RFID Labels, RFID Tags have a lot of advantages like :

  • Reduction of Staff Duties
  • Increased Productivity of Staff
  • Reliability
  • Tag Life and Appearance
Library Management System

Koha LMS

Koha is an open source Integrated Library System (ILS), used world-wide by public, schooland special libraries. The user interface is very configurable and adaptable and has been translated into many languages. Koha Library has most of the features that would be expected in an Integrated Library System (ILS).

Benefits Of Koha Library :

  • Supports the mission of libraries.
  • Changes can be made at the local level.
  • No restrictions on use
  • Can meet the needs of smaller rural libraries that cannot afford proprietary systems.
  • Gain functionality at a rapid pace.

Library Management System

Library Management System is very helpful in many ways like tracking items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed, etc. Edutech India helps Libraries across India by providing them with Library Management System that is very efficient and easy to use for librarians.

Advantages of using our Library Management System :

  • The librarian can issue, return and reserve book for a particular student through the software’s interface.
  • Student can also check the availability status of a particular book online.
  • Generate customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection.
  • Manage the complete management of the entire library through the software’s easy interface.