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The world is quickly adopting to this changing trend from Traditional Learning to E Learning and we have the best services and E learning solutions that you need. We have e learning solutions like Learning Management System(LMS), Web Conferencing system, Blackboard Managed Hosting Services, Assessment Solutions & Services, E learning Content Authoring Tools, etc.

We have Learning management systems like Blackboard Learn which is an online learning and professional development solution. Web conferencing system like Blackboard Collaborate which can reach out to thousands of students/employees simultaneously across campus or around the world. Assessment Solutions & Services like Questionmark which is a world leader in learning and assessment management system. All these E Learning solutions are focused carrying out a more effective method of learning that is beneficial for both the students and teachers.

E Learning Solutions
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E Learning in India :

India is said to be in nascent stage of e Learning. Ironically, it is currently the second largest market for e Learning, which means that it is going to witness a big transformation in the sector of online learning. India has also shown the largest growth rate amongst all countries in the field of e Learning in the past years, followed closely by China1.

The rapid increase in internet connectivity has been an important catalyst for the growth of e learning. A robust internet ecosystem, with a multitude of local and global players, will help online learning make further inroads. Universities will see more students accessing their coursework from outside the traditional classroom. The story is not limited to schools alone, Indian companies are adopting e learning platforms as continuous employee learning has become a strategic necessity.

Benefits of Our E Learning Solutions :

  • You can easily manage large groups of people.
  • You can keep track of the performance of students/employees.
  • You can update materials immediately without delay.
  • You can use it any time and anywhere.
  • You can save a lot of time and money.