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Bibliotheca RFID Solutions offers the widest range of reliable, cutting-edge products, built to global standards, to suit every library needs, priorities and budgets. Dedicated exclusively to libraries, Bibliotheca has an extensive background in library self service systems based on RFID technology. We understand that all libraries are unique. Our extensive range of self-service technology products is equipped with many different features and functionalities that you can choose from to match your exact needs, the way you want it.


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Benefits Of Bibliotheca RFID Solutions :

  • Reduction of Staff Duties
  • Increased Productivity of Staff
  • Reliability
  • Tag Life and Appearance

Edutech India implements Biblotheca’s cutting edge technology at Libraries in India and provides local support to ensure high usage.

Bibliotheca RFID

Image Courtesy: Bibliotheca Library RFID Systems AG, Switzerland