Bibliotheca Library Automation Systems



Provide a connection between the library and its users, wherever they happen to be, expanding its reach and role within the community.



Encourage interaction with the library, in unique ways, that drives participation and enhances its overall importance.



Empower libraries to reinvent their offering and encourage lifelong learning today and well into the future.

RFID provides library staff with powerful operational benefits. With the ability to store data, such as the item ID and security status on the tag, libraries can improve their productivity with the use of itemized reports and materials tracking. Faster self-service transaction times with multiple-item processing allow students to quickly get on with their busy schedules.

  • ability to read and process a stack of items at one time
  • combine security details with item information on one tag
  • provide in-depth reports and analysis for staff via libraryConnect™ devices
  • innovative solutions enhance user satisfaction