SmartClass+ Digital Language Lab platform

SmartClass + enables the following in a Digital language lab:

  • Interactive, multimedia exercises: Students interact with multimedia materials in which native speakers of the target language are communicating in authentic situations.
  • Recording exercises: Students record themselves and listen to themselves speaking the target language – comparing their responses to a model speaker.
  • Live speaking & listening exercises: Students converse in the target language with their fellow students in pairs or in groups – giving every student sufficient time to practise their listening and speaking skills.
  • Live testing activities: Students are able to participate in live testing activities, such as advanced placement (AP) testing to assess their progress.
  • Making Presentations: Teacher and student presentations to the class are easily configured using the Broadcast, Model, and Blank Screens functions shown below. This provides an excellent way of sharing with the class


Broadcast: Send the instructor’s screen and sound to the class for teacher presentations.

  • Monitoring Students: Teachers are able discreetly listen to students and view the student’s screen using the Monitor/Autoscan function. Teachers can intervene by speaking with or chatting with students who need help. Teachers can even take remote control of a student station using the Remote Control function.

 Digital Language Lab

Blank screen: Blank student screens and lock all keyboards and mice to focus student attention on the instructor for oral presentations.

  • Launching Partnering Activities: Teachers can organize students into pairs or small groups for speaking practice and/or for team projects. Screen sharing is also supported within groups. Partners can be randomly assigned, teacher-selected, or student-selected.


Partnering: Pair (or group) students randomly, with teacher selected partners or with student selected partners.

  • Running Media Exercises: Teachers are able to launch media exercises using any media file or exercise in the media library and students are able to execute teacher-selected exercises in class. Recording control can be collectively managed by the teacher or individually managed by the students.
  • Conducting Tests & Quizzes: SmartClass + supports live testing activities where test materials are broadcast from the teacher’s microphone or local CD/DVD player, and control the source from the panel. (A special test mode is also provided for Advanced Placement (AP) testing.) Quizzes with auto-correction are supported as a media exercise.
  • Managing Student Stations: Teachers are able to launch programs or websites on student workstations, block access to applications from student stations, and remotely power-on or power-off student stations.


Remote control: Take remote control of any student station using your keyboard and mouse to demonstrate an idea or a solution.