DUALBOARdDualBoard™ allows two students or teams to work at the board and manipulate and annotate over lesson content simultaneously. Teachers can also select from a “Split Screen” or “Sandbox” mode to provide multiple ways for the class to collaborate with digital lesson material. When used with Mobi™ Learners, the Split Screen mode allows up to 9 students or groups to display their work simultaneously from anywhere in the classroom. The Sandbox mode allows multiple students to work in the same area of the display.


DualBoard™ is available in both standard and wide-format sizes, and is durable and easy to use. It also functions as a standard dry erase board, so markers can be used and easily erased.


When DualBoard™ is used in tandem dualboardworkspacewith our award-winning WorkSpace software, the electromagnetic pen gives educators the power to write, draw, insert images, highlight, interact with, and annotate over instructional content. And the new WorkSpace v9.1 for Windows® and v6 for Mac®/Linux® include recognition tools that convert handwritten text, numbers, shapes, and equations into printed content, making them more readable for students.


The AdjustIt Pro™ Stand (sold separately) is the perfect companion for your eInstruction® Touch Board. The system is easy to use and enables you to adjust it to any height to accommodate all users. The AdjustIt Pro™ Stand compatible with wide range of short throw and ultra short throw projectors. The mobile stand includes wheels with brakes for greater stability, and provides a mobile solution to move from class to class.



qualityDualBoard™ is the top in durability and reliability.

  • Durable whiteboard surface designed to withstand the rigors of a typical classroom.
  • High-resolution technology provides industry-leading accuracy in writing, diagramming, and lesson delivery.
  • Uses patented electromagnetic digitizing technology which delivers high resolution imagery, provides superior performance for fine annotations, manipulating of images, resources, and handwriting recognition.
  • The work surface produces minimal glare when used in Interactive mode with a projector, and is easy to clean when used with dry-erase markers in whiteboard mode.


includedAccessories that make your experience more pleasurable.

  • Convenient pen charger keeps pens charged and ready to use.
  • Programmable softkeys simplify using DualBoard™ by providing instant launching of favorite application, Internet sites, and files.
  • A 25′ serial (RS-232) cable and a 15′ Universal Serial Bus (USB).
  • Pen charger, 2 rechargeable pens, power cable, and hardware for mounting.
  • The wall mount bracket provides support when hanging the DualBoard™ on a wall.
  • A power supply with a 10′ cord is included. The power supply output is rated at 9V @ 1A.


ResolutionsInternal Resolution: 4,096 points (lines) per inch
Output Resolution: 1,000 points (lines) per inch
1279: 47,500 X 63,000
1289: 47,500 X 75,000
1297: 47,500 x 84,000
Serial (RS-232) and Universal Serial Bus (USB), RF Com Option)
Software DriversMicrosoft Windows® 7 (including Vista)

Mac OS X




40° to 115° F (5° to 46° C)


-40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
Warranty3 years on all of the items that ship with the Dualboard™ (pens, charger, etc.) with available up-sell extension to 5 years. This warranty is limited to all components except batteries that are 1 year and are replaceable.
Active Area Size (Diagonal)Aspect RatioWidthHeightWeight
77.5 Inch4:368.3 in (173.5 cm)52.75 in (134 cm)49.9 lb (23 kg)
79 Inch4:368.3 in (173.5 cm)52.75 in (134 cm)50.045 (22.7 kg)
85. Inch16:1080.5 in (204.4 cm)47.75 in (128.29 cm)52.2 lb (24 kg)
89 Inch16:1080.5 in (204.4 cm)52.75 in (134 cm)52.2 lb (24 kg)
95 Inch16:989.5 in (227.2 cm)52.75 in (134 cm)61.6 lb (28 kg)
97 Inch16:989.5 in (227.2 cm)52.75 in (134 cm)61.6 lb (28 Kg)