Gamification is gaining popularity in the world of learning and training because of its effectiveness in engaging learners. However, indiscriminate attempts at gamifying all types of learning programs are unlikely to yield results.

We can help you determine the practicality of implementing gaming in your learning programs. Our gamified learning solutions are based on the appropriateness of games in motivating and engaging learners in your specific learning/training requirements, and the desired outcomes. While learner motivation and engagement is the driver, the focus is on content mastery and job performance. We design and develop learning games that address your specific training needs, and we succeed because we understand business and human performance/motivation, and the relation between the two.

Our engagements with clients for developing game-based learning solutions are built around a few “Best Practices” that we have developed over the years and found consistently effective. These are:

  • Defining the business objectives/goals and associated metrics: At the very outset we define the business objectives to be achieved through the training program and the metrics to measure the success. We then determine if gaming can be effective in meeting the objectives.
  • Focus on the learning goals, with game play as the theme in the background: The learning goals are the destination and the game is the means to get there. The game is built around the content to be mastered, not the other way round.
  • Viewership is not same as engagement: We understand the importance of designing to engage learners. That’s why we ensure that actions and achievements are visibly kinked.
  • Connect to the real world: The elements of the game, such as the rules, challenges, and rewards, should relate to the real world as far as possible. This helps transfer of learning to the actual job environment.