Aviation & Aerospace Engineering

With the increasing demand in civil aviation, satellite communications and space exploration, the demand for aerospace engineers is simply incalculable. Aviation and Aerospace Engineering is one of the most thought-provoking fields of engineering. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of avionics, aviation, defense systems and space exploration. Edutech provides solutions which specialize in designing, development, manufacture, testing, operation and maintenance of flight vehicles.

Control and Instrumentation Lab

Instrumentation and Control laboratory provides a “hands – on” experience and plays an important role for understanding of theoretical concepts. Edutech provides solutions to equip  Instrumentation and Control laboratory with instruments like temperature measurement, level detection, pressure measurement, flow measurement etc. and different types of valves, e.g., solenoid valves, servo valves, etc. On different panels or rigs these can be arranged in different control configurations to achieve specific control objectives.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics is an essential subject in the study of the behaviour of fluids. Edutech provides lab solutions that offer equipment for experimenting with and analyzing various water and air flow behaviours. OR Edutech Engineering Lab solutions include equipment that offer experimenting with and analyzing various water and air flow behaviours.

Thermal Lab

Thermal engineering is a field that includes applications that can be classified as the combination of thermodynamics and heat transfer, such as IC engines, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Edutech provides lab solutions that provide a good environment to understand essential concepts and applications in the field of IC engines and refrigeration. These concepts are necessary to understand the typical working of the thermal devices. OR Edutech provides experimental laboratory for conducting research on innovative façade design, glazing, shading, window treatments, and other energy-efficient building technologies.

Engines Lab

Engines Labs are developed to create concepts and applications in order reduce emissions from large engines, and bring clean energy solutions to the developing world.

Unmanned Vehicle Lab

The primary focus of an unmanned vehicle lab is in developing cooperative multiple unmanned systems technologies. This includes control and coordination of multiple dynamic systems, network issues associated with communications and sensing, and development of architectures for unmanned vehicles. Edutech provides unmanned vehicles lab solutions for both hardware and software including inertial navigation systems, global satellite navigation systems and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Propulsion Lab

Propulsion Lab tests methods of controlling the motion of spacecraft once they have reached space. In particular, the Lab has acquired a great deal of expertise on various methods of electric propulsion as well as chemical propulsion systems.

Thermal and Thermodynamics Lab

Thermodynamics Laboratory carries out various numerical and experimental research activities in the field of thermal and energy systems. The main fields of research are refrigeration, positive displacement machines (compressors and expanders), building physics and HVAC systems, combustion, internal combustion engines, heat exchangers and small and medium scale Organic Rankine Cycles.

Jet Engines Lab

A Jet Engine Lab is an educational gas turbine lab designed to provide educational experience on an operation of a real jet engine.

Advanced Control Systems Lab

The primary purpose of a Control Systems Lab laboratory is to facilitate the general areas of systems and control. This lab concentrates on nonlinear control systems, robust control, and sampled-data control (linear and nonlinear), multirate systems, real-time computer control systems, fault detections and fault tolerant control.

Robotics Lab

Robotics lab aims to work on the problems and innovative projects that extend the state of the art in robotics. Edutech provides robotics solutions for various multiple domains of robotics like Multi-robotic systems, Mobile robot navigation and planning, Force control of legged vehicles, Robot Vision